Friday, August 10, 2012

Guess Who's Back... Back Again... Ashleigh's Back... Tell A Friend!

Hey world! It’s been entirely TOO long! I’d love to catch you up on life, so sorry if it bores you… MICROBIOLOGY. Yup, that’s been my life since Fourth of July. Ok, now that we are all caught up… I thought I’d take a new spin to my blogging for the next 30 days…
My mom went to a Tony Robinson convention in Cali a few weeks back, and even though she got major blisters on her feet from walking on fire (still not too sure why people do that…), she came back with a truly new outlook on life. It’s amazing, inspiring, and contagious! She bombarded me with some love the other day, I mean umpteen million CDs and DVDs so that I can experience “The Power of NOW..” To be honest, this morning was the first morning I’ve had a chance to pop one into the CD Player, but I wanted to share today’s message…
“EVERYONE is CAPABLE. Only a select few CHOOSE to UTILIZE their capabilities.” This is so simple but so real. Successful sports players are really good, and get paid really well, and they TRAIN and PRACTICE REALLY HARD! (think about it…) For anyone who lives local to me and travels the lovely Shady Grove to Rt 355 journey (as I do), you may know who I am about to refer to… There is a man who stands on the corner at the stop light EVERY SINGLE weekday, and collects trash from people’s car, and obviously accepts monetary donations. He is always well put together, smiles and gives the PEACE sign to EVERY single car that drives by, and I always think, “If I was an owner of a company, I’d employ him!” He’s NEVER late. He is SO CHEERFUL. He is diligent and a hard worker. And today, even though its pouring raining outside, he was there! As I was listening to Tony’s message in the car, I drove by this man thinking HE IS CHOOSING to UTILIZE his capabilities. How awesome! Are you using yours?
~Ashleigh XoXo

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