Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Where am "I"?

Most people fear the thought of diets. In our society is has become either a fad or a short-term resolution for a long-term problem. I get it that it’s hard to be the perfect size and be healthy. Healthy foods, gyms and trainers are all expensive. Well, more expensive than not eating healthy foods or working out… But since I know that paying up for prevention is critical to saving money long-term, I did learn something in grad school, we need to take care of our bodies from day one, and spend the extra time and energy now to ensure we are our healthiest before we regret it one day (or don’t have the chance to regret it).

With that said, I have been on a weight-loss yo-yo since high school. I have had four personal trainers in the last nine years, not to mention being on some sort of weight loss program on and off in this same timeframe. That’s just crazy… They all work the same things- the body, and all the nutritional programs preach the same things- make smarter choices and consume less calories. So what’s the issue!?

Like many others, I am an emotional eater. I eat when I am sad and depressed. I eat when I’m happy and want to celebrate. I eat when I’m lonely. I eat when I’m with others. I eat standing up, sitting down, in the car, on my head too- If I could… My point is… I LOVE food. I adore food really. But with that said I don’t love the reflection I see in the mirror every day. 

In less than 8 months I will be walking down the aisle to marry the most amazing man in my life, and while he has seen me through all of my weight fluxuations over the last 11 years, and I know he loves me now matter what, I refuse to allow myself to be sad looking back on pictures and memories. I have been working since May to loose weight, and I’ve lost about 16 pounds so far, but I have 35 to go. The reason I am writing this is to be held accountable to myself, if no one else. I have been going to the gym, and eating “better” but its CRUNCH time. Quite literally. No excuses. No time.

I plan to keep a continuous update on my progress to ensure I have no issue finding myself on my wedding day in May. I WILL be at GOAL. Can’t wait to find me!

~Ashleigh XoXo