Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tis' the Season for Stars and Stripes!

       Time is just flying by, and I certainly cannot believe we are almost one week away from one of my most favorite holidays: Fourth of July! (Not to mention that my MOST FAVORITE Holiday is in 2 days!... MY BIRTHDAY!!)

        It has been very difficult to engage in all the projects I have on my list due to my crazy decisions of going back to school, but I realized this weekend, this girl deserves a break!

       With that said, I decided to start prepping the house for the 4th, pulling out the red, white and blue, and the stars and stripes. We finally got an American Flag to hang out front which has been on the top of my WANT list since Memorial Day. Here are some fun little touches I added to the house to make it feel a little more festive:

I just LOVE my kitchen chalk board; it’s perfect for every occasion!
I got a great deal on a few fake flowers for the coffee table, and put them in my little white milk carton container.

Here is my super cute wreath I made (see the tutorial below).

Felt Wreath Tutorial
What you will need=
Foam wreath
Straight pins
Red (5 pieces), White (5 pieces) and Blue (3 pieces) Felt  Squares
A material to make stars (I used white foam. You could even use wooden stars or plastic stars, etc)
White Ribbon
Let the fun begin!=
1. Cut the felt into 2” x 2” squares
2. Fold the felt squares in half and in half again, so they are a quarter of the size
3. Pin the squares to the wreath covering the top and sides of wreath (No need to do the back since it will be against a flat surface)
4. Make ¼ of the wreath blue, and then alternate small sections of red and white when pinning the felt
5. Add the stars to the blue area (I pinned mine on)

Now go on and get your home looking festive!!
~Ashleigh XoXo

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