Monday, August 13, 2012

I hope you have the Opportunity to Fail!

Were you scared to push that next button? Did you push it?
Do you fear failure? Have you ever NOT done something because you were scared of being rejected or not succeeding? I’ll be the first to admit it, I have! I chose to not apply to medical schools, because I didn’t want to get a letter in the mail that said I was rejected. It’s true, and it’s so Pathetic, huh? I spent my whole adolescent and college years focused on attaining a goal that I never even strived for (technically). I’ll never know if I would have been rejected or not, but the real issue is: SO WHAT if I got rejected! Doesn’t everyone?! At least I tried. 

I use to have the self-confidence of a Greek mythology God. I thought I had total control over everything in my life, and that’s because I did. I wasn’t scared of being let down, or losing a game, or getting a letter in the mail that said “DENIED”. What happened to me? What happened to you?

I am motivated today, and want to share with you some powerful NEW thoughts… Failure should be exciting! It should be an opportunity! If you fail and do not succeed, figure out how you can do better or what you have to change to make it happen. Everyone is where they are because of failure. It makes you try harder, it bringing out your weaknesses (to which you can improve on), and it also highlights your strengths. You learn more about yourself when you fail, than when you succeed. 

So my end of summer challenge for you is to think about something you gave up on, or you failed at. Reflect on how you grew from that experience, and maybe there is something you still haven’t done because you were too scared… Go! DO IT!

~Ashleigh XoXo


  1. I really like this one! Very Inspirational. I am glad you are deciding to Succeed by at least trying. Life is not about always getting what you want, but the journey to get to the point that you are ready to try. You try and sometimes you will fail while other times you will succeed. What you remember was the journey - not the outcome. You should read the poem Dash Between the Years.

  2. Very good, Ash. I always take failure and run with it. In Sales, many times you are rejected, it is how you get back up and what you do to overcome it. Glad you are figuring it out :)