Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where ya headed???

SoOoOo… I was going to post about a fantastic stir fry recipe that we found and made last night, but since I ruined it by adding a scorpion pepper to the mix (which is, by the way, the world’s HOTTEST pepper), I don’t really have much to share with you since I cannot vague for the taste because my taste buds HATED me!
So instead, I thought I’d switch up today’s post a little and talk about something more legit: Vacations!!
As many of you know, my mom, Shelley, has bought into a resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic that is absolutely phenomenal (and it’s so great we are getting married there in 8 months!). Because of her membership, she can rent rooms on the resort out to others. Not only can she rent out accommodations to this particular resort, but she can rent to Sister Resorts and even RCI resorts! The process is simple… Just contact her directly, and she can help you with any travel destination (in the U.S. or International!!). You can save TONS of money by going through her, and you’ll help out her business, as it’s still in the newly advertised stage.
To see more information on the resort in the DR go here:
Keep the love local ya’ll!
~Ashleigh XoXo

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